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“The Temptations of San Anton” art-work by Vidriarte Students

“The Temptations of Saint Anthony” Stained Glass Art-Work made by Vidriarte students will be installed in the hermitage of “San Anton” in Villena.

Vidriera San Anton

The stained glass work has been donated by Vidriarte S.L. and manufactured by the unemployed that participate in the Artistic Glass Course within the training programme from the spanish Employment Department Servef.

The central motif of the art-work is San Anton (Sain Anthony), praying and surrounded by animals; a cock, a dog and a boar with its piglets. 17 Stars shine in a night where we can find 2 demons with 2 temptations each one.

On one hand, one demon with a roman scepter and a crown that symbolizes the mightiness temptation, on the other hand a goblet with treasures that symbolizes the wealthness temptation.

On the other hand, a demon with bare breasts as lustfulness temptation, and a laurel wreath in a hand that symbolizes the triumph temptation.

Montaje Vidriera Montaje Vidriera (3) Montaje Vidriera (4)

In the manufacturing of the stained glass art-work, we have used our new range of glass FLOSING STAR PLAQUE, that has been made by the I+D+i of Vidriarte company and are manufactured in the installations of the company in Villena.

Six teachers (Araceli Hernández Durá, Alfredo Hernández, Antonio Estevan, Vigente Ugeda, Saúl Estevan, Francisco Hernández) and fourteen students have invested more than 500 hours in 6 months to learn all different float glass decoration techniques, with the result of the art-work you can see in this article.

Curso ARTV20_500h_Alumnos

In an artisan sector as antique as this one, it is important to pass the legacy and to educate and train other artisans and students in the manufacturing of stained glass and fusing art-works.

It is a profession where it is very important the continuity and to take advantage of  the opportunity to see other artisans working so we can exchange and provide know-how in this interesting world of the coloured glass.

From here, we invite you all to visit “The Temptations of San Anton” art-work in the hermitage of San Anton, Villena.

27. January 2014 by VidriArte
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